vegan summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce

Vietnamese Summer Rolls With Perfect Peanut Sauce

Filled with crunchy raw vegetables and flavourful herbs these vietnamese summer rolls are just delicious, especially when dunked into creamy (vegan!) peanut dipping sauce.

I first tried these at the cafe in the spa at Center Parcs, where they were named on the menu as “breadless wraps”. I absolutely loved how fresh tasting and light they were, but I had no idea what the wraps were made from until I stumbled across them on the internet a few months later.

I found out that they were a vietnamese inspired dish, called summer rolls or fresh spring rolls. They are such a handy lunch, like eating a really tasty salad in a handheld package!

The rice wrappers are super cheap in oriental supermarkets, or you can buy Blue Dragon spring roll wrappers in most major supermarkets too. They last forever so are great to have in the cupboard to throw together a quick lunch when you have some fresh veggies to hand.summer rolls veg fillings

You can add whatever veggies and herbs you like to vary these rolls, and I often add some rice noodles too if we have any leftover from the previous evening. Roasted peanuts (I lightly crush them first) or sliced up tofu is great thrown in there too.

There is a great tutorial on how to wrap spring / summer rolls here, it’s fairly easy to do but definitely a skill that improves with practice too!vietnamese summer rolls

Hope you enjoy these, I am already dying to make them soon so I think they’ll be a regular lunchtime meal here for a while!

L x

fresh raw vegetable spring rolls

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