Sweet Sourdough Toasties

When I was a kid my favourite game was writing menus and playing having my own restaurant. My family all laugh at me because I have always loved reading menus when passing / in places and will always do so whether we are going in / staying to eat or not 😂 I love it now for inspiration of what we make at home.
I saw these amazing sourdough toasties last time I went to @pommune and although I chose something different (their food is unreal, as beautiful as it is delicious, its like edible art!) I knew I’d have to have a go at home.
These are filled with chocolate and raspberry and sprinkled with icing sugar, I didn’t have chocolate in so used my got to substitute (almond butter mixed with a bit of water, maple syrup, and cacao powder to make a thick spread). I just butter the outside of the bread and cook on both sides in a frying pan over a medium heart (you can weigh it down with a another pan but I just give it an occasional squash with a spatula, no toastie machine required 👍🏻 Have you ever tried a sweet toastie? They are amazing!! L x

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