Easy Olive Tapenade Recipe

Easy Olive Tapenade Recipe

They are a bit of a marmite food – olives, yay or nay? I hated them until this recipe gave me a taste for them, but it still took me a while to be able to eat them whole – love them now though 😍!⁣

This is another of my favourite dips for picky dinners, and is also delicious spread on toasted bread (ciabatta or sourdough 😍) with Italian food, or stirred through pasta for a quick lunch. Its also a great way to use up leftover olives from antipasti dinners / party spreads etc. The recipe below is just a guide, fresh and even stuffed olives etc all work well too, use whatcha got!👍🏻⁣

340g jar of green olives, drained (I get them from tesco)⁣
340g jar of black olives, drained⁣
A good glug of olive oil⁣
A good lunch of salt⁣
1 large garlic clove⁣
Handful if fresh herbs, I usually use parsley ⁣

Bung everything in the food processor until its all finely chopped (or you could finely chopped everything by hand). Enjoy! L x

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