Less Waste Life: A Sustainable Wardrobe

Lets talk clothes! In the years before we simplified and got eco thrifty, so much of my clothing I would never reach for because it didn’t really fit me right or feel comfortable on my changing mama body. I’d buy things just because they caught my eye in the supermarket or fast fashion shops, then barely wear them. Or I’d buy for a future me that wasn’t really me, or practical for my lifestyle. ⁣
While I was pregnant I pretty much sold and donated everything but a few things that fit, I love and reach for all time, so now I’m slowly building a little capsule wardrobe (I have one small chest of drawers for all my clothes) that is simple, and secondhand or ethically made wherever possible. ⁣

I’m mainly a charity shop girl, with eBay as my backup and haven’t bought new clothes in a long while, but after having a super hard time finding anything to wear that fit and I could feed in after having Rory my mama bought me some @lucyandyak dungarees as a gift and oh my goodness they are the comfiest things I have ever owned, I adore their ethics as a company (will write more on this soon & a few ways to save ££ on buying them!) and I am just going to live in them forever. ⁣

I found this Topshop denim jacket a few months ago in a charity shop for £1 which is handy for matching all my summer clothes. Caitlyn also repping the forever self chosen mismatched thrifted wardrobe and not giving a damn what anyone thinks look, whilst showing me her wobbly tooth😂⁣ Anyone else living with a capsule wardrobe or trying to move towards it? I love it for less money, laundry, time shopping, and choices in a morning! ⁣⁣
Are you interested in seeing more of what I pick up / how we shop secondhand / for the kids etc? I’ll never be a fashion blogger 😂 (hello how awkward i am in every photo of me!) but I think we need voices repping #buyless #secondhand and #sustainablefashion where we can, in a world of Primark hauls and tonnes of clothes ending up in landfill each year (and you’ll never find judgement in this space cos I’ve certainly been that person, and we are just here learning together & doing what we can in our individual circumstances ❤) L x ⁣⁣

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Less Waste