Saving Money On Haven / Caravan Holidays

My next post on UK holidays! A few tips for saving money on haven / caravan holidays, here’s how we try and stay thrifty on hols:

⁣⁣- Meal plan to cook meals / have a good selection of snacks in the caravan from a supermarket shop (on site shops are pricey!). We usually plan just 1 or 2 meals out (can’t go to the seaside and not have some chips can you?!). In the car we do a big Aldi / Lidl shop or while we’ve been travelling by public transport we got a supermarket shop delivered to the caravan – just put the park address in the delivery address and put a note to phone for your caravan number when they arrive, it is super easy!⁣⁣

– Take flasks, water bottles, packed lunch and a good supply of snacks with you when out and about. The ‘Refill’ app is handy for finding places to top up your bottles on the go!⁣⁣

– Make the most of the free activities – cherry pick some of the many free activities (we’ve done nature crafts, trails, art, sensory play & science activities in the past all for free). We make the most of the evening entertainment / kids disco and games and swimming too that are all included in the price. ⁣⁣

– Appreciate some chill time – watching a film or playing card / paper games together in the caravan, being away doesn’t having to mean constantly ‘doing’ or being out, just slow down and appreciate having the time together that can be more scarce in everyday life.

⁣⁣- Give the kids a budget for the stay for the arcades / activities / snacks out, then when it’s gone it’s gone (stops them endlessly badgering for more money and helps teach them managing their money to spread it over a few days, they are really wisening up to what feels ‘worth’ their money now!). My guys usually get a fiver each from their grandparents that they can choose to spend on ice lollies / fritter on 2p penny pusher machines as they wish😂.

⁣⁣- Research free activities / attractions / offers in the area to see what’s going on while you are there : we’ve caught air shows, markets and most recently, a free Costa coffee deal 👌

– Check out public transport before you go if it’s an option for you, our train tickets plus a short taxi ride for the last break were cheaper than fuel in a car would have been (not having the car also saved us on going on more expensive days out and fuel when we got there, walking and exploring more locally added a slower dimension to the break that I just loved!)

– Check out any come back soon offers or save any discount codes for if you want to go back! Haven had an offer on for the same break next year, these can be reasonably priced or sometimes you can find alternative better deals online nearer the time.


Extra reader suggestions (thanks guys!!):

-Pack layers / extras for all weathers to save needing to buy stuff there – you always need a pack-a-mac on UK holidays!!

– Set a budget for the meals / days out you plan

– If you are going by car, take a slow cooker for super quick and easy thrifty meals.

Anything to add to that list? I’ll update the post with any added suggestions! L xx

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