Less Waste Life: Freezing In Glass

Potato, lentil and spinach curry, with an extra batch of sauce heading to the freezer for a mama’s too tired to cook day ❤ Old jars make great #plasticfree storage containers – old jars are just good for everything aren’t they? 😂

We put all hot food leftovers / sauces etc into glass now, and will re-use our old big plastic tubs until they are broken for freezing fruit we grow or buy cheaply to chop and freeze for smoothies.⁣

To defrost stuff in jars quickly you can stick it in a bowl of hot water too (I use the little half of my sink) which also elimimated the use of a microwave in our house – win 👍🏻 I’ve started work on a new little project for a revamp of my blog today, with lots more tips and recipes and I absolutely can’t wait to share it with you!
L x

Less Waste

How To Cook Perfect Fluffy Brown Rice Every Time!

Pineapple fried rice and homemade kimchi 😍 ⁣

Totally silly thing not to be able to cook, but rice (specifically brown rice) has been my cooking nemesis for yeeeears, sometimes I’d get it right and other times it would be total mush, so I avoid cooking a lot of rice dishes, but I’ve finally found a foolproof method for super fluffy rice! ⁣

Just add however much rice you want, 2.5 cups for our family today, rinse and add to a big pot of boiling water (the same way you’d cook pasta). Cook for 30 mins, drain, then return to the pot with the lid on and leave to steam for 10 mins. Perfect fluffy Brown rice, every time! Now tell me if theres anything you really can’t get right in the kitchen and make me feel better?! 😂 L x


Less Waste Life: Fabric Scrap Wrapping Paper

Little fabric scrap wrapped pressie ❤ Fabric or newspaper or kids drawings are our new go to for wrapping paper and though some less waste swaps are a bit more effort, lots, like this, make life easier – hurrah for never having to rush out for some again 👌 L x

Less Waste

Less Waste Life: Bar Soap

Bought some of my friends @greenfigsoapstudio soaps for gifts ❤ They are all #vegan and zero waste and smell absolutely amazing. I’d previously been buying bulk liquid soap, thinking of bar soap as the horrible smelling itchy stuff we had as a kid 😂 but these have totally got me converted and they are all I will use once I’m out of liquid, love them! An awesome small business run by a lovely friend to support if you can ❤ L x

Less Waste

Natural Flower Crowns

@motherscuffer taught us how to make flower crowns with cow parsley in the woods today ❤

The tutorial is on @lulasticblog YouTube channel (search floral crown) – you can use pretty much any wildflowers and don’t need any other supplies. Super cool! L x

Slow Living

Easy Olive Tapenade Recipe

Easy Olive Tapenade Recipe

They are a bit of a marmite food – olives, yay or nay? I hated them until this recipe gave me a taste for them, but it still took me a while to be able to eat them whole – love them now though 😍!⁣

This is another of my favourite dips for picky dinners, and is also delicious spread on toasted bread (ciabatta or sourdough 😍) with Italian food, or stirred through pasta for a quick lunch. Its also a great way to use up leftover olives from antipasti dinners / party spreads etc. The recipe below is just a guide, fresh and even stuffed olives etc all work well too, use whatcha got!👍🏻⁣

340g jar of green olives, drained (I get them from tesco)⁣
340g jar of black olives, drained⁣
A good glug of olive oil⁣
A good lunch of salt⁣
1 large garlic clove⁣
Handful if fresh herbs, I usually use parsley ⁣

Bung everything in the food processor until its all finely chopped (or you could finely chopped everything by hand). Enjoy! L x


Simple Toasted Seeds

Simple toasted seeds – these are absolutely delicious sprinkled on salads or just as a snack and are so easy they are barely a recipe!
Heat up a frying pan and add a small handful of sunflower seeds and a small handful of pumpkin seeds and toast, stirring for a few minutes, then add a shake of sesame seeds and toast until they are lightly coloured. Remove to a bowl and stir over 1-1.5 tablespoons of soy sauce so they are all coated. Store when cooled in an airtight jar, they last for ages 👍🏻 L x

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Making Time For Rest

Rest ❤ Do you make enough room in your life for rest? I know that getting enough sleep, and taking time to rest is a game changer for me. Its often the difference between waking up ready to face the day and wanting to stay hidden under the covers. The difference between responding to my children with grace or responding with scorn. The difference between being a happy partner and a snappy partner. ⁣⁣⁣
That definitely doesn’t mean I find it easy to put into practice, its haaaard (heck we have a newborn and 3 other kids, work, farm and its never comes easy to just. be. still. 😂🙈). We are recovering night owls here who frequently used to stay up through to the early hours working (or playing) despite being so knackered we were grumpy the next day and loads less productive working. Why oh why is it so much easier to get sucked into a YouTube/ Pinterest rabbit hole for 3 hours once the kids are in bed than get the rest you really need? 😂 But late nights followed by kids that get up around 6am left us so depleted, so in the last year we have totally flipped our schedule to sleeping early (usually by 10pm, earlier if I’ve had a bad night with the babe) and I’m finding it so much easier to get up in a morning and deal with feeding a newborn at night. Also trying to remember to schedule days to just rest and be at home between days of activity, and breaks in even busy days to snatch a cup of tea, lie snuggling with the baby, have 5 minutes with my book, a moment to take rest. ⁣⁣
There is a brilliant Ted talk we watched this week on the importance of sleep called ‘Sleep is your superpower’, talking about all the ways not getting enough sleep affects your body – the physiological and immune system effects really astounded me. I’d love to hear what you thought if you watched it and if this is something you struggle with too! L x


Little Threads Of Joy

There is a baby who never, ever wants to be put down, a tired mama who often gets overwhelmed from so. much. noise. Mama worries, sibling arguments, and snappy parents. There are dirty floors and pots undone, and there is always, always work to be done. There are moments of struggle, every day.⁣

But there is also morning tea, with buttered toast and sticky sweet dandelion honey. Belly laughs, games played, hands held and babies contentedly sleeping on my chest. Dinners outside on the grass, 5 minutes to read my book whole Rory feeds, a cup of herbal tea in my favourite mug. Goodnight stories and falling knackered into Gaz’s arms when everyone is finally asleep. ⁣

Little threads of joy, weaved in the tapestry of very ordinary days, easily missed if I don’t take the opportunity to notice and delight in them ❤ ⁣

I’d love to hear what little thing/s brought you joy today? L x