Curry Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpea curries have never really been my thing til I discovered that cooking the chickpeas first makes them suuuuper yummy – then you can just add your chosen veggies / favourite curry sauce (these went in a chickpea biryani with a curry sauce on the side (that I made with balti paste, garlic, coconut milk and lentils 👌) or they make an amazingly yummy snack just as they are too!
To make the curried chickpeas just cook drained, canned chickpeas in a frying pan with a good tablespoon of curry paste (this is Pataks balti paste, and I don’t add oil cos the paste is oily enough) and crushed clove of garlic or two then fry for a good 5 /10 minutes until not just the paste has cooked but the chickpeas have browned a little too – so yummy! 😍



Saving Money On Haven / Caravan Holidays

My next post on UK holidays! A few tips for saving money on haven / caravan holidays when you get there…⁣⁣
Here’s how we try and stay thrifty:
– Meal plan to cook meals / have a good selection of snacks in the caravan from a supermarket shop (on site shops are pricey!). We usually plan just 1 or 2 meals out (can’t go to the seaside and not have some chips can you?!). In the car we do a big Aldi / Lidl shop or while we’ve been travelling by public transport we got a supermarket shop delivered to the caravan – just put the park address in the delivery address and put a note to phone for your caravan number when they arrive, it is super easy!⁣⁣
– Take flasks, water bottles, packed lunch and a good supply of snacks with you when out and about. The refill app is handy for finding places to top up your bottles on the go!⁣⁣

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Cheap Haven Holidays With Newspaper Promotions

It’s been a month or so of little adventures and breaks for us since we had a super homely start to the year with welcoming Rory.⁣

We discovered Haven holidays via the Sun holidays promotion a few years ago and it’s become one of the kids and our favourite holidays, they just get so much joy from the entertainment and activities, our caravans have always been lovely, clean and cosy and it’s just such a bargain for a little break! We paid £47 Monday to Friday for our last break and only slightly more for the last weekend (cherry picking the fee free dates where everything is included keeps it the absolute cheapest but even without there are some real bargains to be had). I reckon it’s easily on a par with Center Parcs (which we do still love, although the kids prefer Haven cos of all the entertainment) and the cost difference is just huuuge!⁣

Got a few posts lined up about saving pennies / organisation for UK / caravan holidays this week (I import all my informative or recipe posts from here to my blog too every few weeks, so you can always check them out over there!) ⁣

Have you tried the Sun holiday deals yet? If you search out the Facebook group there is loads of info there or you can just search for the codes online so you don’t even have to buy a copy (not in any way a fan of the sun in general! 🤮 and not sponsored I just like a bargain and telling people about it 😂). ⁣L x


Raising Little Earth Lovers

Our children will always be part of our activism, it’s weaved into so many little things. The way we try (often very imperfectly, but we try) to live, what we eat, where we go, how we spend our money, what we do and what we try not to do with our lives. They’ll march alongside us at protests and attend community events and we’ll talk to them in a factual but non anxiety provoking, age appropriate way focussing on the amazing people making a difference, the positive steps, the hope, the change makers 🌍♥️
But this.. this feels like our real work in raising little earth lovers. Getting outside in nature, in all weather’s, all seasons, playing, creating, foraging, eating food from the earth, watching the sun set and gazing at the stars. Fostering a deep sense of love, connection and reverence for the natural world that I just hope will last their whole lifetime ❤️


Homemade Naturally Dyed Playdough

Homemade naturally dyed playdough for our nature tots group tomorrow! I adapted a recipe by the @thejoyjournal (check out her gorgeous nature play ideas!) to make a large batch and to use fresh veg / berries instead of powdered for cos its what we had on hand. The colours don’t show well in the photos on such a grey day but they are so lovely and vibrant!⁣

Such a great recipe because it uses all store cupboard ingredients rather than cream of tartar / glycerin in most recipes which I never have in.

Just mix together:⁣
– 2 cups of flour ⁣
– 1 cup of salt⁣
– the juice of half a lemon ⁣
– 8 tsps of coconut oil ⁣
– 1 cup of warm water ⁣
– A couple of tablespoons of natural colouring – beetroot powder / turmeric etc (I just used a chunk of fresh beetroot / handful of elderberries blended with the water, oil and lemon then added to the wet to the dry ingredients). ⁣
Mix, the knead and add any extra flour or water if needed until resembles your perfect playdough consistency and voila!

Enjoy – my little ones did and I hope the whole group will tomorrow! L x

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Striking For Climate

Homeschool striking and #sheffield bound for the #globalclimatestrike 🙌🌍 So heartening to see so many young people making their voices heard and pressuring for government action now, and hats off everyone who is supporting them today to campaign for change and a future that is kinder to our 🌍❤️ There are lots of things you can do today even if you can’t make the protest – talk about the #climatecrisis, share posts, change your social media image, or join in in your lunch hour to show your support.

See you there if you are heading to the streets too ♥️ L x


Hand Me Downs – Helping Your Clothes Last Longer

Sooo tired this week (and not just Marls 😴)! Both girls have worn these jammies and they’ve recently been handed down to Marls, I’m so hoping they will survive so Rory can wear them too, then they’ve done all 4 🥰

Here are a few tips to make your clothing last longer / pass on easier to future children or friends:
– buy more unisex / gender neutral clothing – buy good quality where you can – we try and aim for natural fabrics even though we generally only buy secondhand, I find cotton lasts so much nicer than polyester garments.
– buy dark colours where ever you can to minimise staining deeming them unsuable, (essential for us cos our kids get MUCKY – hello mud and blackberry juice 😂)
– wash at lower temperatures
– wash less (spot clean if you can, not possible often with kids and how they spill / get dirty, I know!)
– air / line dry instead of tumble drying – use a gentle detergent (we like EcoLeaf powder) – search google / pinterest and learn some simple stain remover tricks and mending techniques for when things do need a fix up. The sun alone is fab for stains and we keep a debobbler on hand for freshening up old fabrics / jumpers!
Do you have any other tips? L x

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A New Homeschool Year and Train Travelling With Kids

Hope everyone starting / going back to school had a great week last week ❤️ And happy new home education year to anyone following the same path we are.⁣

We’ve had a quiet summer while Rory has been tiny so we’re doing a bit of adventuring over the next month now schools are back and we managed to book a few little trips with the Northern rail 10p sale. ⁣Today we popped to York for the (free) Railway Museum, it was fab and the museum gardens were gorgeous too, the town centre itself was really busy but I suppose it was a Saturday! Love train travelling, and it’s easier than a car ride especially with Rory who isn’t a fan of the car although we did have a hit of a shock when our return train was cancelled but we were soon diverted on an alternative route. Using public transport for longer trips is perfect for us, so I’m hopeful it’ll be something we can get into the habit of holidays etc! Are you a fan of train travel?⁣ Hoping to share some trips for travelling light & low waste with kids later this month! L X ⁣
L x

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Raw Or Cooked Cherry Tomato Sauce

It’s feeling very much like autumn is coming and I am trying to get my preserve on whenever I can squeeze it in (which isn’t quite often enough 😂). Scrounging old passata bottles and filling the freezer with tomato sauce.
We grow a lot of orange sungold tomatoes and they are so sweet I often just blend them up for sauces raw – it’s so quick and they can be almost too sweet for sauces when cooked, especially roasted! Tomatoes & garlic & fresh herbs (basil / parsley / rosemary / oregano) & a tsp of salt and a pinch of sugar is my go to recipe, raw or cooked down, and it’s so lovely to be able to pull out a taste of summer later in the year ♥️ L x