Creamy Curry Noodles

Creamy curry noodles – I saw a pic on @veganmumkaty feed and had to recreate them! Stir fried some peppers, greens, spring onion and garlic, added a tablespoon of curry paste and some cashew cream (big handful of cashews, 2 cups water, a garlic clove, splash of apple cider vinegar and 3/4 tsp salt blended – canned coconut milk would work too) then stirred into rice noodles. So quick and so yummy!

Instagram always saves my butt when I’m feeling low on cooking inspiration. What are your favourite foodie accounts? L x


The Nissan Leaf for a Family of 6! Chatting Electric Cars…

Electric car chat! Everytime I post a story with us in the car I get a tonne of questions about what car / seat we have that fits 4 kids in one row the back.. ⁣

So, we have a little @nissan Leaf electric car that we absolutely love. Its lovely to drive, unreal cheap to run (no petrol or tax) and we have had no repairs to date in almost 6 years of owning it. We mainly just charge at home, on @ecotricity 100% renewable energy, and energy from our own solar panels. ⁣

We have a very early (one of the first on the road) that we bought secondhand a few years old, it gets about 60-70 miles to a charge now (slightly less in freezing weather or peak district crazy hills) which is actually plenty for 99% of the driving we do.⁣

Its certainly not an option right now for lots of people, with having restricted range (other than a 2nd car for a short commute / peeps who work from home like us etc) but newer EVs are doing over 300 miles to a charge, with the @Teslamotors model 3 changing the game with the technology and being the about the same price as a standard new petrol car (so in a few years being an accessible price for more people). ⁣

It works so well for our family that we sold our big diesel second car last year as it was only being used a few times a year and we worked out it was cheaper to get a train or rent for holidays or visiting family (i’m hoping we can find a local person with a 6 seater car we can pay to rent off through a peer to peer site rather than pay a big company) ⁣

It also has helped us to be more mindful of how far we travel and to focus on living more locally, which has been unexpectedly kinda great!

In order to keep it when we had our third child we got a @multimac_seat secondhand on eBay. They are pricey but the cost savings on not having to changing our car for 3 and now 4 kids was well worth it for us. It’ll fit until our eldest is 12 when we need to re-evaluate.

Anyone also got or considering an electric as their next car? My hubby @garythopkins is a massive enthusiast and will try and answer any questions / bust some myths for anyone interested! L x

Less Waste

Salad Dressings Made Easy

2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar (or lemon juice) – all you need to remember for a banging salad dressing base! Shake it up in an old jar chucking in whatever seasongs and add ins you fancy (maple syrup & a touch of mustard / Italian herbs / a tablespoon of peanut butter and a splash of soy & chilli sauce are all super yummy ones we make often). Also guys can you tell me, are these kinda posts useful? I’m not naturally an exact measurements kinda gal with recipes, I like to experiment and love knowing a kinda base recipe to work from and adapt, but it drives Gaz mad not knowing exact quantities so I want to know if its more helpful to be more exact here? 😂 Tell me what works for you! L xx


Less Waste Life: Cloth Nappying On The Go

Less waste with a little one…cloth nappies, wipes, muslin for dribbles, a wet bag for dirties, water bottle and a couple of spare sleepsuits (secondhand as ever, baby clothes are in such abundance secondhand as they are barely worn!). ⁣

I think we have cracked a good system with cloth nappying now, I carry washable wipes dry (we use a mix of @cheekywipes and ikeas plain super cheap cotton facecloths) and just wet them with my water bottle or a sink as needed as I found taking them out wet if they werent used that day they’d go a bit smelly. The wetbag with dirties then just gets chucked in the washer at home 👍🏻⁣

We have Rory in full time nappies and Marley in a nappy overnight, and we do about 1 nappy load every other day, so it is extra washing but in the grand scheme of things a pretty small inconvenience, and I think worth it to send no nappies to landfill and to never run out and have to haul ass out for some 😂. The money advice service also estimates around a £1500 saving over 2.5 years even with laundry costs included 😮 (and not including getting nappies passed on, or selling them after) so its pretty substantial on your wallet too. ⁣

If you are considering cloth nappying your local council may also offer an incentive scheme (ours offers £25 back on a £50 spend) ⁣and @mamalinauk is a brilliant resource for all things cloth nappying (see the highlight on her page for links!)👍🏻 L x

Less Waste

Super Speedy Vegan Minestrone-Ish Soup

Super speedy #vegan minestrone ish soup for one hangry mama tonight, and a quick recipe that’s brilliant for the random veg left knocking about at the bottom of the fridge 😂 Does anyone else get ridiculously stroppy when they don’t eat enough? I’ve had a super busy day and realised I’ve barely eaten a thing plus been carrying and feeding Rory in the carrier pretty much the entire day so was totally knackered and starving. Needed something to fill me up and quick!

To make it I finely chop a load of veggies (I used onion, carrot, broccoli and spinach – beans are a nice addition too), fry for 5 mins then add some broken up spaghetti, a tin of tomatoes, enough boiling water to cover plus about 2 inches and a couple of tablespoons of veg stock powder. Cook for about 12 mins until the spaghetti is cooked and serve.
What are your favourite quick meals? L x #veganrecipe #veganblogger #foodblogger #familyfood #veganuk


Sweet Sourdough Toasties

When I was a kid my favourite game was writing menus and playing having my own restaurant. My family all laugh at me because I have always loved reading menus when passing / in places and will always do so whether we are going in / staying to eat or not 😂 I love it now for inspiration of what we make at home.
I saw these amazing sourdough toasties last time I went to @pommune and although I chose something different (their food is unreal, as beautiful as it is delicious, its like edible art!) I knew I’d have to have a go at home.
These are filled with chocolate and raspberry and sprinkled with icing sugar, I didn’t have chocolate in so used my got to substitute (almond butter mixed with a bit of water, maple syrup, and cacao powder to make a thick spread). I just butter the outside of the bread and cook on both sides in a frying pan over a medium heart (you can weigh it down with a another pan but I just give it an occasional squash with a spatula, no toastie machine required 👍🏻 Have you ever tried a sweet toastie? They are amazing!! L x


Less Waste Life: A Sustainable Wardrobe

Lets talk clothes! In the years before we simplified and got eco thrifty, so much of my clothing I would never reach for because it didn’t really fit me right or feel comfortable on my changing mama body. I’d buy things just because they caught my eye in the supermarket or fast fashion shops, then barely wear them. Or I’d buy for a future me that wasn’t really me, or practical for my lifestyle. ⁣
While I was pregnant I pretty much sold and donated everything but a few things that fit, I love and reach for all time, so now I’m slowly building a little capsule wardrobe (I have one small chest of drawers for all my clothes) that is simple, and secondhand or ethically made wherever possible. ⁣

I’m mainly a charity shop girl, with eBay as my backup and haven’t bought new clothes in a long while, but after having a super hard time finding anything to wear that fit and I could feed in after having Rory my mama bought me some @lucyandyak dungarees as a gift and oh my goodness they are the comfiest things I have ever owned, I adore their ethics as a company (will write more on this soon & a few ways to save ££ on buying them!) and I am just going to live in them forever. ⁣

I found this Topshop denim jacket a few months ago in a charity shop for £1 which is handy for matching all my summer clothes. Caitlyn also repping the forever self chosen mismatched thrifted wardrobe and not giving a damn what anyone thinks look, whilst showing me her wobbly tooth😂⁣ Anyone else living with a capsule wardrobe or trying to move towards it? I love it for less money, laundry, time shopping, and choices in a morning! ⁣⁣
Are you interested in seeing more of what I pick up / how we shop secondhand / for the kids etc? I’ll never be a fashion blogger 😂 (hello how awkward i am in every photo of me!) but I think we need voices repping #buyless #secondhand and #sustainablefashion where we can, in a world of Primark hauls and tonnes of clothes ending up in landfill each year (and you’ll never find judgement in this space cos I’ve certainly been that person, and we are just here learning together & doing what we can in our individual circumstances ❤) L x ⁣⁣

Less Waste

Less Waste Life: Make Your Own Ice Lollies

Silicone ice lolly moulds to fill with cordial / juices and smoothies and freeze for the kiddos. These were £4.89 off eBay for 6 and will hopefully save us lots of pennies (and packaging) over the summer! L x

Less Waste

Changing How We Worked

A year ago last month, Gaz quit his main job. While he has always worked from home (IT), it was pretty much still a 9-5 with meetings and working through the night a lot to keep on top of it, a lot of stress and responsibility, and the stress of trying to manage a tonne of conference calls with 3 homeschooled kids also in our small house! ⁣

We were having wwoofers take care of the farm, Gaz was feeling so frustrated when he had so many days he couldn’t get outside at all, and I was increasingly stressed at not getting much of a break with the kids. We felt like we had moved to our dream home but didn’t have a lifestyle where we could enjoy it. ⁣

It was a super scary and hard decision to make, but after we had got used to living on a thrifty budget, built up my income a bit, and saved a little emergency fund, we decided that it had to go. ⁣

Even though the days of being able to have disposable income / save any money would be pretty much over, we decided that it was more important to have the lifestyle we want and trade a higher income for more flexibility and balance now, while the kids were young (I know it’s a huge privilege to have that choice and I’m so very grateful for his previous job and the start it gave us in being able to buy a house etc). ⁣

We earn about bang on 50 / 50 now between Gazs smaller IT clients and my eBay work, and get to spend time on @happyrootsfarmuk which isnt exactly a money maker, but feels deeply purposeful to us. ⁣

There is no maternity leave for me, so i’m shoehorning bits work when I can, its a juggle and an adjustment to managing our time between it all, and we are tightening our belts even more while we have a tiny one. Its a bit more of a hustle, for sure, but its one we are in together and gah it is so so worth it for moments like this, a different kind of abundance ❤


Green Juices Without A Blender (For Cheaps!)

I love a fancy green juice on occasion but I do not love:⁣
a) cleaning a juicer (sold ours years ago for that reason!)⁣
b) buying expensive ones in plastic bottles
c) paying the prices juice bars charge (£5+ a cup now at Boost whaaaaat) ⁣

So when I fancy one, I make juice in the blender… today this was half a carton of Aldi’s 55p apple juice (just use apples and more water usually – will be especially good when have our trees or if you have access to a good amount cheaply but store bought juice is a good quick hack!), a cup of water, 2 sticks of celery and a massive handful of spinach. Blend then strain through a super fine sieve / nutmilk bag / muslin cloth. I use a nutmilk bag cos I find it easiest and it doesn’t soak into the cloth. This made 2 large glasses and 3 little ones, it stores nicely in a bottle in the fridge too.⁣

Will share a few more of my favourite combos with you soon, I love getting some greens in this way! What’s your fave juice? I looove orange and carrot! L x