Gaz and I met in Majorca, on holiday in summer 2007.

Gaz lived in Wolverhampton and I lived in Sheffield, about 70 miles apart and we travelled by car and by train to spend every single weekend together (and racked up some freaking MASSIVE phone bills!!) until we bought (on a half buy half rent scheme that we were lucky worked out much cheaper than renting alone) out first house together in the Midlands, when I was due to start my degree course in Birmingham.

Thanks to the arrival of 4 beautiful nieces and nephews since the time we met, we were desperate to have a baby of our own and I speeded through my degree (studying my final year at home with the open university, whilst also studying my second year at Birmingham) to get it out of the way.

We got married in 2011, moved up to Chesterfield to be nearer to my family, and had baby Lissy later that year (a week after my final uni exam!). Despite my first time mum lack of confidence she was a total unicorn baby, then Caitlyn followed 17 months later to show us that having one easy baby does absolutely not mean you will have another!

I ran an eBay business from home until just after Caitlyn was born when I needed to give it up to focus on looking after the girls, while Gaz also worked from home as a computer programmer.

We lived a pretty typical life, of me looking after the babies while Gaz worked, until deciding to home educate and meeting lots of new friends changed things.