Read our story for a little bit more about about what got us here..

Early Years
After meeting in Majorca on holiday as teenagers 11 year ago, and living 70 miles apart, we spent every weekend travelling to see the other until we eventually moved in together when I started univeristy. We got married in 2011, and had Lissy the same year, followed by Caitlyn 17 months later.

Deciding to Home Educate and Changing The Way We Lived
We decided to home educate our girls, and met a wonderful community of people living more alternatively, which led to a big shift in how we lived our lives. We became more conscious of how we ate, consumed things and lived in general. We began to grow our own food on an allotment. We had our little boy Marley, who has Noonan Syndrome.

Buying Our Farm
Falling in love with our allotment and the outdoorsy life it showed us, we began to look at options which led to us buying a little semi detached house with 6 acres, which we hoped to turn into a little vegetable farm.

Cracking and Simplifying
With the stress of moving, renovating our house and setting up and running the farm alongside Gaz’s job and home education we very nearly cracked , which led to a big simplification of our lives. Gaz gave notice on his main job, so we could live a more humble, simple life, with much less money but a tonne more time and happiness.

Completing Our Family 

We had our last baby, Rory, in March 2019, to complete our family. Life is a wonderful kinda chaos as we raise and home educate our 4 alongside growing the farm and working from home, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

So here we are… We feel so privileged to have the opportunities we have had, and I am super excited to share with you more of what we learn along the way. We are trying (our best within the current system) to do what we can to learn to live more sustainably, to pressure governments for action on the climate crisis and to utilise our little bit of land for rewilding and regenerative agriculture / permaculture.