No Oil Vegan Chocolate Cake

We’ve got into a delicious little rhythm of baking on Saturday mornings this last few months…

This is my favourite cake at the moment, no oil #vegan chocolate peanut butter cake. We used to make half this recipe as in the photo but it went so fast I then doubled it (recipe below makes a double layer cake now – to be filled & topped with your fave chocolate frosting), but feel free to half it for the smaller cake as pictured!

Ingredients: 2 cups of flour

12 tbsp cacao or unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp each: baking soda and salt

1.5 cups coconut sugar

2 cup soya milk (180g)

2 mashed bananas

2 tablespoon ground flaxseed

1/2 cup almond butter or peanut butter

4 tsp pure vanilla extract


Method: Mix all ingredients, I am lazy and whizz it all in the food processor, but you can just mix it in a bowl. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 180*C, until a skewer inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean. Enjoy plain or with frosting. L x

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