A New Year & A Happy Heart

Happy New Year lovely folks – I hope 2019 is a magical one for you.

It’s been a long time since I posted in this space, but I have felt the pull to properly write again these past few weeks and the posts are spilling from my fingers, so, tentatively, here I am.

In one of my last posts about our story, I wrote about how after moving to our farm, taking on more responsibilities, and feeling utterly burnt out, we had moved towards simplifying our lives.

Gaz left his main job in the first quarter of 2018, and we have been busy learning to live on significantly less, whilst continuing to find and reap the rewards (and facing the challenges) that working towards a living a simpler life is giving our family.

Continuing to simplify has been a slow and steady process over the rest of year, and it has extended to so much more than just our work and material things – but letting go of jammed packed schedules, ideas, relationship cycles and so many deeper issues too.

It has been a year of true growth for us and I feel we are entering 2019 feeling so much lighter, free-er and more happy, content and at peace with where we are.

I battle hard with whether or not I should share anything online, but I feel sometimes that my heart aches to share the thoughts going through my head with someone out there who might be in a similar place to want or need to read them – I know I have found so much support and guidance from people online treading a similar path.

I really hope you enjoy the posts to follow where I’ll be nattering away on the topics of minimalism, simple living, budgeting / financial management, thrift and motherhood. L x

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