Little Threads Of Joy

There is a baby who never, ever wants to be put down, a tired mama who often gets overwhelmed from so. much. noise. Mama worries, sibling arguments, and snappy parents. There are dirty floors and pots undone, and there is always, always work to be done. There are moments of struggle, every day.⁣
But there is also morning tea, with buttered toast and sticky sweet dandelion honey. Belly laughs, games played, hands held and babies contentedly sleeping on my chest. Dinners outside on the grass, 5 minutes to read my book whole Rory feeds, a cup of herbal tea in my favourite mug. Goodnight stories and falling knackered into Gaz’s arms when everyone is finally asleep. ⁣
Little threads of joy, weaved in the tapestry of very ordinary days, easily missed if I don’t take the opportunity to notice and delight in them ❤ ⁣
I’d love to hear what little thing/s brought you joy today? L x

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