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How To Make Iced Lattes At Home

How to make Starbucks / Costa Coffee style iced lattes at home, using espresso or instant coffee.

During my pregnancy with Marley I got seriously into decaf soya iced lattes. So much so that I was going out to our local Costa, or driving through Starbucks on an almost daily basis to get my fix.
At around £3 a drink, and for the hassle of keep dragging myself and the kids out, I didn’t think doing this daily was particularly sustainable though! Coffee shops tend to just use regular soya milk, that has quite a bit of added sugar so I wanted to find a less sugary alternative if I was drinking them so frequently, so we decided to start making them ourselves!

I have a coffee machine, so I make mine with espresso, but instant coffee works fine too. You can use any milk you like, I like Alpro’s organic soya the best (for taste, plus it’s naturally sweetened with apple juice rather refined sugar), but almond works fine too if you prefer not to have soya.icedcoffees

So here’s how to make coffee shop style iced lattes at home!

  1. Make your coffee. Either make an espresso in a machine, or dissolve instant coffee in 1/8-1/4 cup boiling of water. If you are using instant coffee use as much as you would for a normal cup of coffee, for me thats about a teaspoon, but dissolve it in about an eighth of a cup of boiling water (adding extra up to 1/4 of a cup, if needed, in order to get all the instant coffee completely dissolved) .
  2. Add the hot espresso or hot coffee and 4 ice cubes into a cup or flask that has a lid (I used a kids sippy cup) and shake to allow the ice to take the heat out of the coffee.
  3. Add a good handful of ice cubes to a glass, then pour over the coffee, and fill to the top with milk.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

I’m so glad I can recreate these at home now, particularly as I imagine they’ll disappear from the coffee shops now autumn is on it’s way (how cold has it been today?!)

Are you a fan of iced coffee? My husband hated it first, and said it reminded him of leaving a coffee on the side for too long, but I’ve got him converted now! 🙂

L x
how to make iced lattes at home

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