Homemade Powder Deodorant – Lush ‘The Greeench’ Copycat Recipe

I’ve been loyal to Lush’s ‘The Greeench’ deodorant for many years now. After I ditched deodorant full of dodgy ingredients I must have tried about a million types of more natural deodorants – to find all of them just weren’t up to the job, or were super expensive or ran out really quickly. DIYs were harsh on my sensitive skin, or all oily and I hated the greasy feel.⁣

I just love the fresh feel of a powder deodorant, how dry it keeps me and the super fresh smell. And a bottle lasts for ageeeees too! After moving house though, we didn’t have a Lush nearby (and I loathe paying delivery!😂) so I was super curious if I could whip up a batch myself that was just as good but cheaper, had less packaging and was more convenient too. ⁣

I searched the internet and found absolutely nothing, so I looked up all the ingredients, sourced all I could, experimented and here we are, I am SO happy with this little DIY! I’ll add to this post soon with costings, where I got the ingredients from and what each of them do, but here’s the basic recipe for now…⁣

8 tbsp arrowroot powder⁣ (gives skin a silky touch / feel)
6 tbsp bicarbonate of soda powder⁣ (neutralises odour causing acids and absorbs water)
1 tsp lycopodium powder⁣ (absorbs water and keeps skin dry)
1/2 tsp rosemary powder⁣ (antispetic and anti-inflammatory)
1/2 tsp sage powder⁣ (limits growth of bacteria)
3-4 drops tea tree oil⁣ (antibacterial and anti-fungal)

Mixed together, then add to a jar or bottle and sprinkle under your underarms! ⁣

Please let me know if you try this one! L x 

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