Homemade Naturally Dyed Playdough

Homemade naturally dyed playdough for our nature tots group tomorrow!

I adapted a recipe by the www.instagram.com/thejoyjournal (check out her gorgeous nature play ideas!) to make a large batch and to use fresh veg / berries instead of powdered for cos its what we had on hand.

The colours don’t show well in the photos on such a grey day but they are so lovely and vibrant!⁣⁣

Such a great recipe because it uses all store cupboard ingredients rather than cream of tartar / glycerin in most recipes which I never have in.⁣

Just mix together:⁣

– 2 cups of flour

⁣- 1 cup of salt⁣

– the juice of half a lemon ⁣

– 8 tsps of coconut oil ⁣

– 1 cup of warm water ⁣

– A couple of tablespoons of natural colouring – beetroot powder / turmeric etc (I just used a chunk of fresh beetroot / handful of elderberries blended with the water, oil and lemon then added to the wet to the dry ingredients). ⁣

Mix, the knead and add any extra flour or water if needed until resembles your perfect playdough consistency and voila.

Enjoy – my little ones did and I hope the whole group will tomorrow! L x

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