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Gorgeous Garlic Mash Recipe

I love this garlic mash recipe as side dish for a more exciting alternative to plain mashed potato. Surprisingly, my toddler loves it too, so this is a new favourite in our house!

This is not really an exact recipe, just keep tasting the mash to find out how much garlic, butter etc you prefer. This makes a lovely side dish to meat or a topping to cottage pies etc. We had ours with glazed pork chops and braised bacon cabbage – yum!



White potatoes (as many as you need for your family)

1 bulb of garlic (it is easier to cook the whole bulb until you know roughly how much you like to use, in the pictures I am using half a bulb as its all I had left that day and it was only to serve me, hubby and toddler)

A knob of vegan butter / spread

A splash of soya or almond milk / cream / or a dollop of vegan cream cheese (optional but yummy)

How to Make Garlic Mash


1. Preheat the oven to 200*. Peel and chop your potatoes into roughly the same size chunks ( cut each potato into quarters or eighths depending on the size of the potato) .

2. Put the potatoes in a pan of salty boiling water on the hob over a medium heat and boil until soft.

3. While the potatoes or boiling, wrap a bulb of garlic in tin foil and pop it into the oven.

4. When the potatoes are nice and soft, drain and mash them.

5. Add a large knob of butter and mix.

6. Remove the garlic from the oven, remove the foil and snip the pointy top off the bulb with scissors.

7. Squeeze the roasted garlic out of the bulb (use a tea towel on your hands as it will be hot!) on to a spoon. Add a spoonful at a time to the mashed poato, tasting as you go until it is as garlicky as you like it. Season with salt and pepper if you wish.

8. (Optional) Add a splash of milk / cream or a dollop of cream cheese for a bit of extra luxury!


L x

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