Easy Vegan Flatbreads

Super quick and easy homemade vegan flatbreads – I made mine with 50/50 wholemeal and plain flour but you can use whichever you prefer.

After seeing these yummy looking flatbreads on my friend’s blog the other day, I had to try out a vegan version (although I’m very jealous that I only have a really crappy griddle and mine don’t look half as pretty – note to self to look out for a cast iron one!).

We had ours stuffed with salad, sauteed veggies, avocado, houmous and peri peri sauce – and the leftovers we’ll be using tomorrow to mop up my creamy coconut curry!

These didn’t take long at all to make, and my hubby said he much preferred them to store bought wraps or flatbreads so we’ll be making these really often from now on!

L x

homemade vegan flatbreads

Easy Vegan Flatbreads


  • 1 cup plain flour and 1 cup wholemeal flour (or all plain / wholemeal / whatever mix you prefer equalling 2 cups)
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • Half a teaspoon salt
  • Half a cup of water
  • Quarter cup of almond or other non dairy milk
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil


  1. Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine to form a dough. You can use a food processor, a hand mixer with dough hooks or just mix with a spoon in a mixing bowl and then knead to form a soft and pliable ball of dough.
  2. Transfer the ball of dough to a floured surface. Cut or break the ball in half, then shape into a ball and hallve again. Shape each of the four parts into balls and halve again – leaving you with 8 small balls in total.
  3. Ensure the surface is still well floured, and roll each ball into roughly a 5-6 inch circle.
  4. Heat a griddle or frying pan over a medium / high heat. Place a circle in the pan and cook or a couple of minutes until bubbles start to form.
  5. Flip and cook for another couple of minutes until browned in parts. Remove to a plate and cover with a kitchen towel to keep warm. Repeat for the other circles. 
  6. Enjoy 🙂 
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