Raising Little Earth Lovers

Our children will always be part of our activism, it’s weaved into so many little things. The way we try (often very imperfectly, but we try) to live, what we eat, where we go, how we spend our money, what we do and what we try not to do with our lives. They’ll march alongside us at protests and attend community events and we’ll talk to them in a factual but non anxiety provoking, age appropriate way focussing on the amazing people making a difference, the positive steps, the hope, the change makers 🌍♥️
But this.. this feels like our real work in raising little earth lovers. Getting outside in nature, in all weather’s, all seasons, playing, creating, foraging, eating food from the earth, watching the sun set and gazing at the stars. Fostering a deep sense of love, connection and reverence for the natural world that I just hope will last their whole lifetime ❤️

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