Going Vegan Transitional Times

I saw someone post this week about the in between times of a new way of eating or doing things and how hard it can be and it really resonated with me.. I remember so vividly the first night we decided to go vegan. I didn’t sleep a wink 😂, I wasn’t a big meat eater but the queen of creamy, cheesey foods and I thought I’d never be able to eat any of my favourite foods again, but felt unable to continue doing so.
Learning a whole new way of cooking, restocking our cupboards with different staples was a huge adjustment, it took a good couple of years to get confident and find replacements and banging recipes for vegan versions of all of our favourite foods (things have changed so much in 5 yrs, getting substitutes in shops / eating out was HARD then!), I remember so many times just getting to the kitchen and not knowing what to make so eating tomato pasta AGAIN, but I’m so, so glad we were gentle with ourselves, and persevered.

Potato dauphinoise (sliced potatoes cooked in creamy garlic sauce with cheese) was one of my fave dishes pre vegan days, I used to make it with a tonne of butter, double cream and cheeses so I am always super stoked to eat this vegan version that uses no animal products, tastes just as good if not better, and is made with a super healthy cashew cheese sauce too ❤

I don’t talk much about veganism in general, I have very little desire to discuss or debate diets with folks these days – I prefer to just do our own thing, happy in our research and alginment with our personal values / situation. We are just here cooking up vegan goodies, and open if people come to us for info. We feel pretty fantastic health wise, and really contented to live in line with our values, so I wanted to offer some encouragement to anyone transitioning or wanting to reduce their dairy/ meat intake to persevere through those tricky times that are inevitable with any new lifestyle change, if they feel called to do so. I’ll share some of my fave vegan accounts in stories soon for anyone wanting more support / recipes for continuing now veganuary is over! ❤ L x

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