A New Homeschool Year and Train Travelling With Kids

Hope everyone starting / going back to school had a great week last week ❤️ And happy new home education year to anyone following the same path we are.⁣

We’ve had a quiet summer while Rory has been tiny so we’re doing a bit of adventuring over the next month now schools are back and we managed to book a few little trips with the Northern rail 10p sale. ⁣

Today we popped to York for the (free) Railway Museum, it was fab and the museum gardens were gorgeous too, the town centre itself was really busy but I suppose it was a Saturday! Love train travelling, and it’s easier than a car ride especially with Rory who isn’t a fan of the car although we did have a hit of a shock when our return train was cancelled but we were soon diverted on an alternative route. Using public transport for longer trips is perfect for us, so I’m hopeful it’ll be something we can get into the habit of holidays etc! Are you a fan of train travel?⁣ Hoping to share some trips for travelling light & low waste with kids later this month! L X ⁣

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