Homemade 50 / 50 Wraps

Homemade 50/50 wraps – 1.5 cups white and 1.5 cups whoelwheat flour, 1 cup warm water, 1/3rd of a cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1 teaspoon salt. Combine to a dough, (by hand or in a stand mixer), knead for a few mins then leave to stand for 15. Cut into 16 equal pieces, and on a floured surface roll out into circles and then fry for a minute or 2 each side in a hot pan. Gorgeous just as wraps or like tonight for a super quick pizza chucked under the grill topped with our homegrown tomatoes and homemade pesto 😍
I really struggle to know what to cook when it’s hot and have a mini tantrum most evenings about it at the moment 😂, but I could eat pizza every day 😍😍 L x


Our Simple Summer Bucket List

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend ❤❤ So this week is the first week of the summer holidays… We spent a bit of time this weekend thinking of what we wanted to do over the summer, I’m all about the simple things over loads of expensive, busy days out, and food naturally always plays a big part in our plans 😂 So here is our simple summer bucket list…⁣
We want to:⁣
— Go berry picking⁣
— Go wild swimming / for a splash in a stream⁣
— Eat chips at the seaside ⁣
— Go on a family bike ride ⁣
— Make ice cream sundaes (with oodles of toppings)⁣
— Have a pizza dinner in the park⁣
— Visit a splash park ⁣
— Camp in the garden⁣
— Make homemade lemonade⁣
— Shop for a few things for our local food bank (school holidays are tough on struggling families)⁣

I would absolutely love to hear what you guys have planned or tag me if you put a #simplesummerbucketlist together yourself! L x ⁣

Slow Living

Lemony Courgette Spaghetti

You ready for 4000 ways to use courgettes now the season has started? 😂 For those who don’t know / grow, courgette plants can produce a new courgette every day or 2 in the height of summer, and if you blink they are the size of marrows, it’s crazy keeping up with picking them, let alone eating them all. Luckily we love them and this is one of our favourite ways to eat them… ⁣

Grate a couple of large courgettes, and fry with a splash of oil, 3 crushed cloves of garlic, the juice of a lemon and a good sprinkle of salt and pepper. Cook for about 5 minutes, then stir in a cup of cream / creme fraiche (I use homemade cashew cream). (It’s also gorgeous with some extra oil instead of the cream and a pinch of chilli flakes)⁣.

Stir into cooked spaghetti and sprinkle with fresh herbs. Yummy! Do you have any inspiring courgette recipes for me? L x


Less Waste Life: Repair & Make It Last

A very un-instagram photo, because whilst I talk of swaps a lot, one of the biggest changes in buying, spending and wasting less has been really valuing and taking care of the things we do have. Maintaining, repairing, making it last. We’ve learnt so many new skills in the process too – fixing our clothes, bikes, oven, hob, broken electric cords, washer and dryer when they’ve had issues. You can learn anything on YouTube eh, what a resource!

I’ve had my phone for about 4 years now (we buy used / refurbished phones and have Giffgaff rolling contracts for £10 a month to save £ on contracts) and recently it started overheating and not keeping charge. In the past I would have totally justified an upgrade, but we got a £6 replacement battery kit on eBay, thought we may as well try, and with the help of a YouTube tutorial it’s now good as new, we have the tools now should we need to get phones apart again, and the old battery is off for recycling, yay!👍🏻 Have you repaired anything recently that you could have just chucked? It’s a good feeling hey?! L x

Less Waste

Less Waste Birthday For Our 4 Year Old

Since its #plasticfreejuly here’s what we got Marls for a #lesswaste simple birthday… Thrifted Peppa Pig cuddly toy (50p), Lego tow truck (£2), Set of Maisy books (£1) and a few pick and mix sweeties in a paper bag (his request 😂🎉). Game I knew he would just love… Huge 👍🏻 to @orchardtoys whose puzzles / games are made from card, in Britain and did you know they replace up to 3 pieces a year for free if you lose / damage them? How awesome is that?! L x

Less Waste

Crunchy Homemade Garlic and Herb Croutons

The courgettes started producing this week and we are inundated already 😂 Cream of courgette soup with homemade bread croutons cooked with garlic and rosemary, so yummy! Had a stinking head cold/ mastitis for a couple of days so I’m trying to cook all the goodness to get me better! L x


Less Waste Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping since we started to lower our waste… Our girls go to forest school on the Thursday, so we stop off at the greengrocers on the way home for our shop (I kinda love it as early years #homeeducation for the little kids too, Marley loves helping and counting out what we get ❤). I meal plan, then buy enough fruit and veg for the whole week (to supplement what we’ve grown at home).⁣

There is a bakery next door where we can also get #plasticfree (gorgeous 😍) bread. I buy enough for the week and freeze in the paper bags what I won’t use in the first few days, taking it out the morning of the day we will need it 👍🏻. We get bulk wholefoods delivered every couple of months, and nip into Tesco or Aldi while the girls do gymnastics once a week if there is anything else we need, trying to get tins, jars or cardboard packaging where we can.⁣

I try and minimise visiting shops, especially big supermarkets as much as possible as I don’t particularly find it an enjoyable experience – its such a time (and money!) sap if I don’t meal plan and end up popping in every few days for bits we need! I’d love to hear more about how you shop for your family, if you are making any changes or wanting to? Its all so dependent on our time / circumstances and what’s accessible locally, but hopefully increased pressure will mean more supermarkets focussing on sustainability in the near future! L x

Less Waste

Less Waste Family Car Kit

When we began reducing our waste (and I was riding the wave of late pregnancy organisation mode 😂) we made a little #lowwaste car kit to make it easier to stay #plasticfree on the go (we certainly don’t always manage this but it helps us do better, most of the time, which is good enough for me❤). We have a takeaway coffee cup for me, a metal bowl and spork each, lots of produce and shopping bags, jars for bulk foods, an old takeaway tub for baked goods / leftovers etc. and I also keep a couple of spare reusable nappies, wet bag, cloth wipes and an old filled water bottle to wet them. It saves me remembering everything on the morning of going somewhere, which is helpful for a mama with extreme baby brain / very demanding small people 😂
And in case your interested in the thrilling contents of my car boot 😂 I also keep a picnic blanket, baby sling and blanket, a thin towel for each of the kids, a onesie for each kid, my granny trolley and a camping chair so I can sit and feed comfortably out anywhere. I kinda love seeing whats in people’s cars / fridges / bags, is that weird?! 😂😂 L x

Less Waste

Plastic Free July

Keys, purse, water bottle, everywhere. Anyone else on board with #plasticfreejuly – trying to refuse single use plastic where we can? Maybe just taking shopping bags or a reusable water bottle more is a first step for you this month, or maybe you are taking big steps to changing the way you shop or making more yourself to avoid plastic covered everything in the big supermarkets. I’d love to hear what’s going down in your home?! And I’ll for sure be here sharing what we are learning too ❤

Also if you are after a brill long lasting steel reusable water bottle and ain’t on a kleen kanteen budget (like this mama ✋✋) this was £6.60 delivered from eBay (5.50 for the kids sizes), had mine about a year and recently replaced the kids plastic ones too as they’ve broken / got chewed / manky in the lids over time (I keep them as a spare water bottle for wetting wipes in the car now!). They are great (oil the bamboo lid every now and again to take care of them and don’t leave in water / dishwash) and I’m hopeful they’ll last for yeeeeears.
L x

Less Waste